Lottie + DaveĀ 

Alternative Wedding Photography // London // Soho // The Union Club

One of those days that is right up my street! A couple, madly in love, surrounded by all their friends and family (young and old) celebrating and sharing their day like all couples should!

But the advantage of working with couples like Lottie + Dave is that as well as embracing these traditions they UMPH it up a notch! Add some rock and roll and personality…make it a day that reflects them!

Confetti doesn’t have to be thrown outside a Church! It can be thrown on a busy street in Soho. Wedding favours needn’t be wrapped in twee little bags BUT can be Tattoos designed by the Groom! And whilst you are at it throw in a bit of Hong Kong because thats where you now call home! Have your portraits outside and INSIDE the music stores of Denmark street because one of you collects guitars and the other used to live there!!!

Do what you want. Skulls. Lightning Bolts. Lucky Cats. THE LOT!!!! Two fingers to the expected stuff!

THIS is what a wedding is all about! Thankyou L+D for inviting me a long and trusting me to do my thing x

Here are fifty-ish of my favourites x

How amazing was that?

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*beardy kiss*


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