Paul + Ed: “Hi Matt. Would you be OK staying an extra 30 mins to capture our surprise Drag Act?” Me: “Erm Hell Yeah!!!”

Questions like this a) Guarantee its gonna be a pretty crazy wedding and b) Sum up why I love what I do.

When I started shooting weddings over 8 years ago I hoped there would be midnight drag acts and venues like Trinity Buoy Wharf and Couples like Paul + Ed. Basically a more alternative, fun and unpredictable side to what may often be seen as formulaic and overly traditional. And when I found it AND started to get invited along I knew I had found my calling!

P+E like so many of my couples are not trying to be “different” or (God forbid) “cool”. They respect their families, their history and the traditions…to a point!!!! And then they just make the rest up so it ultimately reflects them and nobody else!

That perfect blend of conventional and crazy that I just love to capture! Thanks for having me along guys!!! I had a blast!!!

Here are fifty-ish of my favourites:

Alternative Wedding Photography // London // Islington Townhall // Trinity Buoy Wharf

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Matt X


Amelia + Jason // Walcot Hall
Chloe + Ian // Brympton House