I love photography!!… so I always knew I had a challenge on my hands to find a photographer that I trusted.
After one Skype session with Matt I knew we had found ‘the one’. He left us with no doubt whatsoever that he would hit our brief on the head, he got us, he got it!

I love Matt’s journalistic style, he captures moments that I know others would have missed. He also worked with us on some more ‘styled’ ideas we had….but adding his touch, his style, his framing…in a nutshell, adding him.
We loved looking through our weddings pictures; in awe of what Matt had captured…at times forgetting we were in them, too engrossed in admiring Matts work.

Don’t second guess this one…if you are reading this then you are on Matts website…hit that ‘contact’ button and get Matt on-board. It’s that simple.


The process of choosing our wedding photographer was easy, Coady saw some of your work and from that moment we had our hearts set on you being our wedding photographer, even before we were engaged!

We were absolutely blown away by your work and couldn’t of been happier with our decision to choose you to capture our day, that was until we received OUR photos…

… We’re now in absolute awe, they are perfect!

You’re presence on the day was amazing, you were cool, calming, funny and professional. It was reassuring to have you there, to have utmost confidence in you and your talent.

You captured all of the emotions of our day, looking back we haven’t got a clue how because the majority of the time we didn’t see you, you’re like a ninja.

On the day, you were a good friend, you got us just right. Even down to the song you chose for our slide show… Amazing. Thank you forever and ever!


How many ways can I say WOW?!!

I was expecting great things from you Matt – something about your calm and professional manner suggested it – but the photos… the lighting, the colours, the spontaneity…. have utterly surpassed any expectations. You have managed to capture all the emotions possible of the day… the excitement, the nerves, the tears, the glamour, the humour, laughter, exhilaration and love….

Working with you has been an absolute pleasure. All your photos are a slice of pure happiness for us. Each one brings back a rush of emotion and memories of a truly perfect day. Every bride and groom wish they could bottle their feelings on their special day, to savour and cherish forever…. I feel like you have given us a gift no one else could have…..


So we arrived back in London to receive a beautifully packaged parcel of goodies from Matt Parry photography. We were glued to the screen while viewing the most treasured moments from our wedding day.

Even David’s mother who originally described herself as a ‘traditionalist’ was completely converted by the photos to ‘story telling only’. We couldn’t be happier with it all.

Thank you so so much Matt, and thank thank you for working extra hard to make sure we got this parcel in time for our stop over on our way back home!


Dave often says that it took him 50 years to find and want to marry someone who really ‘got him’. And we really wanted our wedding to day to reflect everything that is ‘us’ -which includes ‘doing things our way’ humour (lots of) and music. Then more music.

Initially we said no photographer,as that would inhibit the flow of our day. Who wants to pause for dull staged photos when you are having the day of your life? Then we found you. Your style is awesome. You got us. You KNEW! And you delivered.Totally. Without us even knowing you were there….and SO calm (how do you do that?!!)

Thank you. A million times. You surpassed our hopes & expectations.


Matt, words can not express how thankful and blown away we are by these photographs. These are beautiful memories that you have taken and transformed into pieces of art that we will treasure forever.

Thank you for knowing exactly when a bride needs space and when a bride and groom should take a moment to be together and take it all in. You were a wonderful friend on the day.

Thank you for for everything Matt Parry. You are a legend. x