Over the past 6 weeks I have spent quite a bit of time with Lucia + Harrison. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if by the time I said goodbye to them, poolside in Puglia, they were sick of the sight of my beard and sound of my shutter (although I secretly like to think that now, back in the real world, they miss me running around capturing them: walking to work, cooking their dinner, watching TV etc etc)

We first met over Skype last year whilst I was down in Cornwall shooting a wedding. We chatted and laughed and hit it off straight away. In fact we chatted for so long that the chicken I had in the oven at my Airbnb burnt to a crisp…but it was totally worth it! Especially as they booked me to shoot their wedding in Southern Italy.

I have that Wedding and the most AMAZING few days at quite simply the most stunning wedding venue I have ever seen to share soon. But before we headed to Puglia we met on a pavement in North London to capture the “paperwork bit” with their families…..and a dog called Paddy.

Here’s fifty-ish of my favourites from part one:


Louise + Richard // Barcelona // Almiral De La Font
Joanna + Tim // Babington House