an Indian wedding couple captured with sun rays appearing above



Strap yourselves in because 3 days of intense colour and chaos are about to hit you right between the eyes. So here we go…

I think people expect Indian Wedding Photography to focus mainly on overly choreographed and staged images. Maybe this is why I don’t shoot that many Indian Weddings?

So to be given access to a 3 day wedding from a couple who entirely trust you to document their celebrations in a less choreographed and honest way is a true pleasure.

I always do my very best to immerse myself into every wedding I capture but when you have 3 days to explore and observe then that immersion becomes next level, especially when a couple and their families are as welcoming as Nisha and Alastair’s.

I try not to over explain my highlights and let the pictures answer/ask the questions but I will at least explain that on a day three a planned trip to the nearby hospital gardens where N+A would share Sushi lunches as junior doctors was aborted due to the gardens being closed. So we instead bowled into the adjoining branch of Sainsburys where N+A would purchase aforementioned Sushi. I can only imagine the conversations as the well healed residents of Orpington unpacked their weekly big shop that Saturday afternoon.

“You will never guess what I saw in the Gravy Aisle today Maureen”

Enough waffle/explanations here are 50 favourites mixed up and mashed up to confuse and delight the senses. Big love to Alastair, Nisha and their army of helpers/family/friends for an unforgettable 3 days.

smoke bombs and drums during an Indian groom procession A couple pose for a portrait against crazy background during their Indian wedding celebrations

More upside down Brides during Bridal prep please.
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