Family shoots can, traditionally, sanitise family life. Either they take place in studios or even when they are shot “in the real world” they paper over the realities of family life. Tidy hair, Sunday best and “smile for the camera”. Perfection over personality.

To me this defeats the object. So I only shoot them for families who want a slightly more off beat approach and trust me to immerse myself in “them” for a few hours. Just long enough to capture the energy and character that every family has. Personality over perfection.

I have shot many now and hope to do many more. But my recent shoot with the Hackets was one of my favourite ever. Beautifully Bonkers. Energy, Craziness and Love. Family life in its purest form.

Thanks for having me Mum, Dad, Holly, Edie and *crazy* Maisie. You guys nailed it!!!! And I had an absolute BLAST x

If your family is as Awesome as The HacketTs and you would like some more info on my alternative family shoots, drop me a message via my contact form (click here) and I will send you some pricing info.

Matt x


Alternative Family Photography // The Corbetts
Alt Family Photography // Rachel, James, Teddy + Barnaby