A modern bride and groom wedding photography portrait with greenery and vintage rugs

Alternative Wedding Photography // Ascot // Mum + Dad’s Back Garden

believe this whole thing started when Jane was sat on her Mum + Dads garden terrace and said the immortal words “lets do the wedding right here”. I can only imagine the look on the faces, as even somebody with the most creative and imaginative of minds would have looked at that beautiful but somewhat narrow and sloping garden and thought “not a bloody chance”

But the wedding industry has grown to work with the ideas and creativity of its couples. No longer are marquees just ugly tents, they are made to measure light and beautiful spaces. And no longer are ceremonies just stuffy and impersonal procedures in dark offices and churches but personal and emotional occasions on vintage rugs, below trees and mirrorballs….if thats what you want!

Thanks for having me J+N. Here are fifty-ish of my favourite images from your wonderful wedding day…

The Wedding Day

The usual chaos and excitement of Bridal prep all contained upstairs at Janes family home whilst Nick and then all the guests arrived and were greeted and gathered at the bottom of the garden beneath trees and mirror balls awaiting the ceremony. The design and set up of the marquee made for the most perfect and dramatic “aisle” entrance and a personal and emotional ceremony on vintage rugs in front of an arch of Jasmine was, I’m sure, just as Jane had imagined it would be………magical!

Wonderful food, drink, speeches and a surprise performance by two singing waiters followed before a rug shaped dance floor was created for a first dance beneath the lights and trees and then more dancing into the night. And despite the limitations they nailed it…..The perfect DIY Back Garden Wedding.

In short weddings have changed. They are what YOU want not what THEY expect…and I for one as a Wedding Photographer who likes to do things a little differently am delighted by this!!!

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