Weddings are back. Wedding Photography is back. I’m back. I’m feeling emotional even writing this…so be prepared for some mushy waffle (its been a while!!!)

Almost 6 months had passed since I last pointed my cameras at a wedding. My longest hiatus in over 10 years as a wedding photographer. I could elaborate, I could moan, I could cry..BUT I have tried hard to do none of those things and stay as positive as possible. So thats certainly not going to change now.

Dominique and Steve, like most of the couples you will see on my blog for the foreseeable, have been through it. Anybody who has tried, failed, tried again and {sometimes} failed again to get married during a global pandemic deserves a medal. But those who got there and will continue to get there have come to realise that weddings are about people and love and togetherness. Everything else is a bonus.

Wedding photography has NEVER been so important.

I’m waffling…..

Soho Farm House nestles in the Oxfordshire countryside.

A hidden gem. Exclusive and secluded. A photographers dream. In any weather and under any circumstances. But in these trying times and for a couple like D+S it became a perfect sanctuary. A day they (and I) will never forget. I just hope I have managed to capture the joy, the relief and the love that flowed from that special day.

And hopefully do it justice. So here goes.

When you have a speech to make that means the world to you, about the person that means the world to can all seem a bit much. Steve had a final run through with just me as his audience.
It’s special moments like this that I have missed so much. Sometimes it can seem more like a privilege than a profession. I’m waffling again…so I will stop interupting and let the pictures tell the story.

So thats it. 2 years of ups and downs and not knowing when it will ever happen condensed into 50 of my favourite images. Memories and reminders for those lucky enough to attend and the story of what happened for those who didn’t. I always feel a bit deflated at this point…my job is done and these highlights and a full gallery about to be delivered. Time for me to move on. BUT I will always remember my first wedding of 2021 and will forever be thankful for Dominique and Steve for trusting me to capture it and making it as amazing and special as I hoped it would be.

Waffle over.

If you are planning a wedding a Soho Farmhouse or any other Soho House venue. Give me a shout via my contact form

Peace x



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