It’s the variety, the randomness and the unknown that keeps me on my toes and fuels the passion I have for wedding photography. The thought of only working a handful of venues within a small radius scares me to death. I fear my work would become boring, repetitive and stagnant…3 things I want my work NEVER to become.
This is why I love destination weddings.
Arriving on a plane the day before the wedding, meeting the guests, capturing the atmosphere and events with no pre conceived ideas is tough but thrilling.
The light, the colours, the characters…all new, all different!

I have been lucky to travel to Italy, France, Spain, Jersey and Santorini to capture weddings and would love to travel anywhere (although New York and Thailand are especially high on my wish list)

Here are some of my favourites from the destination weddings I have captured.

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If you are planning your wedding over seas then I would love to hear about your plans. Contact me HERE

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