A bride in a white dress stands in the entrance of a bright pink ferry shelter before her micro wedding
For most of March, all of April, all of May and all of June you couldn’t get married. Just imagine. One of the most joyous and sacred things..BANNED.
We all spent the entire Spring and most of the Summer in some kind of Orwellian state of confusion. My industry, my couples held hostage by this very real but very confusing pandemic.
Most of the conversations I had over those months were from strong, determined and positive clients (my couples are a good lot…..THE BEST in fact) BUT however positive and accommodating I tried to be I wished those calls hadn’t have happened.


Then Fanny called me. Out of the blue. And I got some positive news………
With no immediate plans to organise a wedding, Fanny + Kelvin had been following my work. BUT when the pandemic hit and they knew a wedding involving over seas family looked a distant dream (Fanny is from Sweden) they decided to throw caution to the wind….HOPE the planned easing of lockdown would come to pass AND that weddings would again be allowed.
I finished that first positive call of the Summer with the words “If it happens I will be there” and we all crossed our fingers for the following 3 weeks.


Come the morning of the big day…….

My old routine fell back into place as I left early for the drive to the coast. Excited yet still half expecting a call with bad news of some sort any minute. I hadn’t left landlocked Buckinghamshire for 4 months, barely driven anywhere and certainly hadn’t used a motorway or sat nav since my last wedding at the end of January.

I arrived, still in a daze. But as soon as I strapped on my cameras, filled my lungs with warm sea air and headed off to find the Hot Pink Ferry shelter where I had arranged to meet F+K ahead of their ceremony, I felt somehow alive again.

I’m lucky to have a job and a 10 year career that I am happy to say defines me as a person. Which is great. Until somebody takes it away. So this wedding…my first of a new era will always have a special place in my portfolio. And I cant thank Fanny + Kelvin enough for taking a punt on Love, Marriage and Me.


Enough soppy waffle. Here’s a mashed up selection of my favourites.

Alternative Wedding Photography // Micro Wedding // Royal Southern Yacht Club // Hamble-Le-Rice // Southampton

A bride and groom climb the stairs leading to the balcony they will have their wedding ceremony. A Covid safety sticker in shot to add context An alternative seaside wedding portrait a local pensioner looks confused as a young couple walk past his favourite seaside bench ahead of catching a ferry to their awaiting guests and wedding ceremony. A bride talks to her parents via video link after they watched her wedding ceremony from Sweden

If you plan on taking a punt like Fanny + Kelvin then let’s chat about my micro wedding packages. Click here for my contact form or just e-mail me on info@mattparryphotography.co.uk with any questions about current restrictions and advice on how to make the most of a small wedding.


An Alternative Micro Wedding in Hackney
A Stylish Winter Wedding At Dodmoor House