alternative wedding photographyMatt you are quite simply THE BEST. We could not be happier with our wedding photographs!

You have captured the day beautifully and have given us the best keepsake we could ever hope for. We will be reliving our day over and over through your amazing images. Thank you so much for being a brilliant part of our day and sharing your talent.

And finally, before I run out of positive adjectives, to anyone planning a wedding… if Matt is not available for your day… move it until he is!

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alternative wedding photographyIf Carlsberg did wedding photographers….they still wouldn’t be a patch on Matt!! Having a house full of empty picture frames meant we were really picky when it came to choosing a wedding photographer as having our photo taken turns into a real chore. Matt’s style instantly won us over and was the first thing we booked 18 months ago and thank God we did!!

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alternative wedding photographyChoosing a wedding photographer is a big decision. You want somebody who will “get you” and your style of wedding. Some people want classic shots, we just wanted something different. We sought high and low and entered every search possible on google…. “Unique wedding photography” “wedding photography cool” “wedding photography not boring”….. This list goes on, eventually and thankfully we came across Matt’s website and instantly we were hooked. Every wedding sideshow and photo on this page was everything we wanted. You never seemed to get bored of looking at strangers weddings and seeing their emotion in each shot on his website.

I’m so glad we booked Matt for our wedding, he mingled with guests, captured emotions and expressions from a completely different view and we now have a set of what can only be described as “out of this world” photos. I reckon we could have asked 100 photographers to our wedding and, combined, we wouldn’t have got nearly close to the amazing photos Matt captured.

Thank you Matt, you are a top bloke and a bloomin’ good photographer.

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alternative wedding photographyMatt was one of the first decisions we made about the wedding and by far the best decision we made; apart from Joe asking me to marry him of course! We have never looked so glamorous. I still can’t believe it’s us when I look at the photos.

I was initially quite nervous about being photographed throughout the day. Matt arrived at my flat for the bridal prep where I was with my bridesmaids getting ready and he fitted in straight away with his relaxed style chatting to everyone but also almost hiding in the background with his unobtrusive reportage style.
After the ceremony and while the guests were making their way to the restaurant and being seated Joe and I went off with Matt for thirty minutes into the deserted streets of the city to have some shots together. This was one of the most fun parts of the day and we totally trusted Matt when standing infront of corrugated iron and scaffolding. His style fully incorporated the city / urban feel of the start of the wedding and the photos truly speak for themselves.
alternative wedding photography

WOW!!!! Both sitting here crying at your amazingness!!!!! Couldnt be happier with the photos, truly blown away by how much emotion you caught from our day. Watching the slideshow is like reliving it all again!

You worked so hard on the day and we cant thank you enough for all the direction you gave us during our couple shots and for your expertise in making the group shots as short and as easy as they could be! Not quite sure how you captured some of these angles and expressions… you must be very very sneaky!!!! Few of our favs have to be of me, Gaz and my Dad laughing at the front during ceremony, couple shot with the car, the tall one with the trees and the grooms party against the wall! Cant wait to get some of these blown up and on our wall!!! How can we thank you enough!!!!

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alternative wedding photographyWhat can I say……

You are amazing, as I said before you are the best investment I have ever made. You captured the whole atmosphere of the day, everything! I can’t thank you enough, I really honestly can’t, I am crying watching the blog!
You were so cool, calm and collected on the day, Daniel wanted a job as your assistant as he thought you were so cool! Ha
Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you were so easy to trust and I knew that you would ‘pull it out the bag’ which is exactly what you have done!
You are an amazing talent Matt, a lot of fun to have around on the day too “erm matt, your flying low mate” ha!! brilliant!
Thank you again, I can’t wait to show everyone! x
alternative wedding photography

Matt, we don’t know how to thank you enough… neither of us like having our pictures taken but having the pictures to capture the day and tell the story was so important to to us…which is why we chose you…and that is EXACTLY what you have done!

We LOVE them!!! you have allowed us to re-live the day (every day right now the slideshow is on repeat!!),the pictures truly show how amazing the day was for us and all our family and friends!

EPIC!! thank you!

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alternative wedding photographyMatt…what can we say? These are amazing. We knew they would be but I cried when I saw them. They bring it all back and believe me, it was a day that we want to re-live again and again. Thanks for being there – to capture a relaxed atmosphere which comes across in the photos. Dogs….kids….friends…family….it’s all there.

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alternative wedding photographyOnce she’s said yes, you’ve gotten up off your knee and start planning your big day, choosing a photographer is one of the hardest and most important decisions to make for your wedding. For us it was one of those things that we really wanted to make sure that we got right as we’d been told that the day goes by in a blur and when you stop and check back it’s the shots that you get from your photographer that give you your memories of how the day went…

We’re so glad to have had Matt join us for our special day, from the get-go he was brilliant putting us at ease, whilst capturing some of those special private moments that make the day… how he got into those positions we’ve no idea… I’m sure Harry Potter must be short of one invisibility cloak and as you can see the results are spectacular. He brilliantly caught the fun and magic of the day and we can’t thank him enough and will be recommending him to all our friends

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