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Chris + James

Alternative Wedding Photography // London // Trinity Buoy Wharf // The Chain Store

A wonderful day. Friends, family, sunshine and a proper East End knees up! I love the bonkers elements so many of my couples throw at their big days and doing “knees up mother brown” in the shadow of the O2 is right up there with the best of them.

It was the kind of weather more obviously suited to a steel band BUT who knew a pearly king and queen singing “my old mans a dustman” would sound so good under a bright blue sky and sweltering heat!!

Three weddings in quick succession kinda made Trinity Buoy Wharf feel like home throughout June and July…But what a place to call home! Easily one of my favourite venues of all time.

Chris and James thanks for inviting me along. Here a fifty-ish of my favourites…

Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-1 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-2 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-3 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-6 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-5 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-8 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-7 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-9 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-10 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-12 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-16 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-11 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-14 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-15 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-17 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-18 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-13 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-19 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-20 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-21 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-23 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-22 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-24 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-26 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-27 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-25 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-28 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-29 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-30 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-31 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-32 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-33 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-37 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-36 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-38 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-39 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-35 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-40 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-43 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-44 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-41 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-45 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-34 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-46 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-47 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-49 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-48 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-50 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-51 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-52 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-53 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-55 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-54 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-56 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-58 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-59 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-66 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-57 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-60 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-63 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-64 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-61 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-62 Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography-65

If you or anybody you know is looking for a Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding photographer, send ’em my way!

Feel free to leave a comment below :)


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Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography // Matt Libby Fri, 19 Aug 2016 16:19:25 +0000 The post Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography // Matt Libby appeared first on London Alternative Wedding Photographer | Matt Parry Photography.


Matt + Libby

Alternative Wedding Photography // London // Trinity Buoy Wharf // The Chain Store

I had been waiting to shoot at Trinity Buoy Wharf for what seemed like years. It’s pretty clear to see how good a match it is for my style and why its was right at the top of my venue “wish list”

And then, just like buses (probably route masters with wedding special emblazoned across the front 😉 ) 3 weddings turned up in quick succession. Matt + Libby’s wedding was the second of the three and entirely different from the first and completely unlike the third :)

Firstly there was that Green dress! BOOM! Imagined by Libby and created by one of the guests (you cant get more unique than that!!) Then there was the wacky (in the very best way possible) troupe of bridesmaids and finally a couple so relaxed, in love and full of fun that they radiated all of that awesomeness all over the their wedding day and their amazing  bunch of friends and family!

I proper LOVED this one. M+L thanks so much for letting me tag along x

Here are fifty-ish of my favourites

trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-2 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-1trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-5trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-6 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-7 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-8 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-9 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-10 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-11 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-13 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-15 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-16 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-18 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-29trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-17 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-19 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-20 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-21 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-23 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-24 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-25 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-26 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-27 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-28 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-34 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-30 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-31 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-33 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-41trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-36 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-37 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-39trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-38 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-43 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-44 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-45 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-46 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-47 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-50 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-48 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-49 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-52 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-51 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-35 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-53 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-57 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-54 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-58 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-62 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-60 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-59 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-61trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-64 trinity buoy wharf wedding photographer-65

Such a great day. If you know anybody else looking for a Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding photographer please pass on my details! 3 weddings is NOT ENOUGH! I need MORE!

Feel free to leave a comment below :)


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Liz + Phil // Milton Keynes Wedding Photography Wed, 10 Aug 2016 15:21:19 +0000 The post Liz + Phil // Milton Keynes Wedding Photography appeared first on London Alternative Wedding Photographer | Matt Parry Photography.


Liz + Phil

Alternative Wedding Photography // Milton Keynes // Back Garden Hoedown

I kinda think its my job to create a set of images that will transport every couple back to their wedding day. I am initially trying to create a bit of a WOW but ultimately my goal is  longer term than that…..

Years may pass without wedding photos being viewed BUT when they are 10, 20, 30 years from now I want people to feel how they felt, remember the emotions and those little things that made their day unique:

The relief after months and months of sweat and tears converting mum and dads back garden into the plans you designed in your head (Liz works in set design and build); the giddiness of the bridesmaids; the emotion and embarrassment of the speeches; the slightly bonkers Hoedown; the way your mum reacted to her gift; The way your dad held your hand at the front of the church; the pretty major nosebleed you got whilst some beardy bloke was taking your picture in a field of wheat!

In fact I think Liz and Phil had planned for every eventuality except a nose bleed, but we managed to find a towel and first aid kit (in the middle of a field??) and save the dress. And when it *eventually* stopped we laughed it off and headed back to the Hoedown!

L+P thankyou so much for involving me in your truly wonderful are my favourites x

milton keynes wedding photographer-1 milton keynes wedding photographer-5milton keynes wedding photographer-3 milton keynes wedding photographer-9 milton keynes wedding photographer-6milton keynes wedding photographer-7milton keynes wedding photographer-10 milton keynes wedding photographer-12 milton keynes wedding photographer-11 milton keynes wedding photographer-13 milton keynes wedding photographer-17 milton keynes wedding photographer-16milton keynes wedding photographer-18 milton keynes wedding photographer-19 milton keynes wedding photographer-20 milton keynes wedding photographer-21 milton keynes wedding photographer-24 milton keynes wedding photographer-25milton keynes wedding photographer-22 milton keynes wedding photographer-26 milton keynes wedding photographer-28 milton keynes wedding photographer-29 milton keynes wedding photographer-30 milton keynes wedding photographer-32 milton keynes wedding photographer-31 milton keynes wedding photographer-33 milton keynes wedding photographer-34 milton keynes wedding photographer-35 milton keynes wedding photographer-36milton keynes wedding photographer-40milton keynes wedding photographer-43 milton keynes wedding photographer-42milton keynes wedding photographer-45 milton keynes wedding photographer-44 milton keynes wedding photographer-46 milton keynes wedding photographer-47 milton keynes wedding photographer-37 milton keynes wedding photographer-48 milton keynes wedding photographer-49 milton keynes wedding photographer-50 milton keynes wedding photographer-53 ZU5A9513milton keynes wedding photographer-61 alternative london wedding photographer-1milton keynes wedding photographer-60milton keynes wedding photographer-63 milton keynes wedding photographer-67 milton keynes wedding photographer-65milton keynes wedding photographer-62 milton keynes wedding photographer-68 milton keynes wedding photographer-69 milton keynes wedding photographer-70 milton keynes wedding photographer-71milton keynes wedding photographer-64

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Joanna + Tom // Destination Wedding Photography Mon, 08 Aug 2016 19:34:46 +0000 The post Joanna + Tom // Destination Wedding Photography appeared first on London Alternative Wedding Photographer | Matt Parry Photography.


Joanna + Tom

Alternative Wedding Photography // France // Monaco // Roquebrune Cap Martin

I am never quite sure what to write as I put my blogs together. I don’t want to just stick a load of SEO friendly key words into a non sensical couple of pointless paragraphs. Nor do I want to waffle on as I ultimately want the images to do the talking.

But…(here comes the waffle)

When couples like Joanna and Tom not only put their trust into my style and approach BUT also fly me to places that make my eyes and my creativity burst with excitement AND they make me feel so welcome……

Well I need to say thank you x

I am a very lucky boy. I get to point my camera at people and places like this………

destination wedding photographer-2 destination wedding photographer-5 destination wedding photographer-6destination wedding photographer-1french wedding photographer-1 destination wedding photographer-8 destination wedding photographer-9 destination wedding photographer-10 destination wedding photographer-12 destination wedding photographer-13alternative london wedding photographer-1-7 destination wedding photographer-15 destination wedding photographer-14 destination wedding photographer-16 destination wedding photographer-17 alternative wedding photographer_0152 destination wedding photographer-18 destination wedding photographer-23 destination wedding photographer-22destination wedding photographer-24 destination wedding photographer-25 destination wedding photographer-26 destination wedding photographer-27 destination wedding photographer-28 destination wedding photographer-30 destination wedding photographer-29 destination wedding photographer-31 destination wedding photographer-33destination wedding photographer-32 destination wedding photographer-34 destination wedding photographer-35 destination wedding photographer-36 destination wedding photographer-38 destination wedding photographer-37destination wedding photographer-39 destination wedding photographer-4 destination wedding photographer-3 destination wedding photographer-40 destination wedding photographer-1-2 destination wedding photographer-42 destination wedding photographer-41 destination wedding photographer-45 french wedding photographer-1-3destination wedding photographer-44 french wedding photographer-1-4 destination wedding photographer-47 french wedding photographer-1-5destination wedding photographer-49 destination wedding photographer-50 destination wedding photographer-48 destination wedding photographer-51 destination wedding photographer-53 destination wedding photographer-52 destination wedding photographer-56 destination wedding photographer-57 destination wedding photographer-58 destination wedding photographer-62 destination wedding photographer-59 destination wedding photographer-61 destination wedding photographer-63 destination wedding photographer-64 destination wedding photographer-65destination wedding photographer-60alternative london wedding photographer-1-6

Free fireworks from the good folks of Monte Carlo! The perfect end to a perfect day….

Feel free to leave a comment. And if you know of anybody planning a destination wedding let them know how much I like to travel.

Thanks. Matt (beardy x)

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Stephanie + Tom // Coldharbour Barn Mon, 01 Aug 2016 15:59:21 +0000 A wonderful, wonderful day full of family, friends and love. Festival vibes and a tonne of personal touches. A vintage afternoon tea, hog roast, great music, amazing countryside and ALL the weather you could imagine! But when it mattered the sun came out to play and in between that and the rain the clouds got […]

The post Stephanie + Tom // Coldharbour Barn appeared first on London Alternative Wedding Photographer | Matt Parry Photography.

A wonderful, wonderful day full of family, friends and love. Festival vibes and a tonne of personal touches. A vintage afternoon tea, hog roast, great music, amazing countryside and ALL the weather you could imagine!

But when it mattered the sun came out to play and in between that and the rain the clouds got all epic….what more could you want?

Thanks so much for having me along Steph and Thomas! I had a blast….

Here are Fifty-ish of my favourites.

Alternative Wedding Photography // Oxfordshire //All Saints Church // Coldharbour Barn

oxfordshire wedding photographer-1 oxfordshire wedding photographer-4 oxfordshire wedding photographer-2 oxfordshire wedding photographer-3 oxfordshire wedding photographer-6 oxfordshire wedding photographer-5 oxfordshire wedding photographer-7 oxfordshire wedding photographer-9 oxfordshire wedding photographer-10 oxfordshire wedding photographer-11 oxfordshire wedding photographer-13 oxfordshire wedding photographer-14 oxfordshire wedding photographer-12 oxfordshire wedding photographer-15 oxfordshire wedding photographer-16 oxfordshire wedding photographer-18 oxfordshire wedding photographer-19 oxfordshire wedding photographer-20 oxfordshire wedding photographer-23 oxfordshire wedding photographer-24 oxfordshire wedding photographer-25 oxfordshire wedding photographer-26 oxfordshire wedding photographer-28 oxfordshire wedding photographer-30 oxfordshire wedding photographer-31 oxfordshire wedding photographer-33 oxfordshire wedding photographer-29 oxfordshire wedding photographer-34 oxfordshire wedding photographer-35 oxfordshire wedding photographer-38 oxfordshire wedding photographer-37 oxfordshire wedding photographer-39 oxfordshire wedding photographer-41 oxfordshire wedding photographer-40oxfordshire wedding photographer-43 oxfordshire wedding photographer-44 oxfordshire wedding photographer-46 oxfordshire wedding photographer-45 oxfordshire wedding photographer-48 oxfordshire wedding photographer-47 oxfordshire wedding photographer-55 oxfordshire wedding photographer-54 oxfordshire wedding photographer-53 oxfordshire wedding photographer-52 oxfordshire wedding photographer-50 oxfordshire wedding photographer-49 oxfordshire wedding photographer-51 oxfordshire wedding photographer-61 oxfordshire wedding photographer-56 oxfordshire wedding photographer-59 oxfordshire wedding photographer-58 oxfordshire wedding photographer-60 oxfordshire wedding photographer-57

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Nellie + Andrew // Trinity Buoy Wharf // The Chain Store Sun, 24 Jul 2016 10:42:50 +0000 The post Nellie + Andrew // Trinity Buoy Wharf // The Chain Store appeared first on London Alternative Wedding Photographer | Matt Parry Photography.


Nellie + Andrew

Alternative Wedding Photography // London // Trinity Buoy Wharf // The Chainstore

WOW…..a truly epic day that started traditionally under the Huppah and finished spectacularly with a James Bond-esque speed boat exit.

All that happened in between: The boat trip, the entertainment, the whisky bar, the zebras, the elephants and the awesome “Jazz In The Jungle” themed Chain Store (brought to life by the team at Knot & Pop) made for a riot of colour and fun in one of London’s most spectacular wedding venues.

Thanks to Nellie and Andrew for having me along…I had a blast!

And thanks to my buddy and wing woman for the day Jordanna, who captured my “200 guest group shot” face like nobody else could (and thanks to Knot & Pop for the megaphone)

Here are my favourites….

trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-1 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-2 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-4 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-3 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-5 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-6 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-7 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-8 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-9 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-10 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-11 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-12 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-14 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-13trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-15 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-16 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-17 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-18 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-19 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-20 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-33trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-32trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-21 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-26 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-25 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-22 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-24 alternative wedding photographer_0149 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-23 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-28 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-29 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-30 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-37 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-31 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-38 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-34 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-27 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-36 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-35 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-41 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-42 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-39 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-44 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-50 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-43 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-47 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-40 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-49 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-45 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-48 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-46 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-52 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-51 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-53 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-54 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-55 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-56 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-57 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-58 trinity bouy wharf wedding photographer-59

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Louise + Julian // Merriscourt Wedding Photography Mon, 18 Jul 2016 16:08:18 +0000 The post Louise + Julian // Merriscourt Wedding Photography appeared first on London Alternative Wedding Photographer | Matt Parry Photography.


Louise + Julian

Alternative Wedding Photography // The Cotswolds // Merriscourt

You pick an awesome venue full of light bright white goodness. You (against the odds) get awesome weather. You invite a tonne of awesome guests. You get married to your best mate. You chill out in the sunshine to some crazy old geezer (check out deejay wheelie bag) playing rare 7 inches. You dance like loons to probably the best wedding band I have ever witnessed (go book the Baghdaddies NOW)

And you invite me along to point my cameras at it all!

Now thats a PERFECT wedding folks!

Louise + Julian you NAILED it…thanks so much for inviting me along. Here are my favourites x

merriscourt wedding photographer-12 merriscourt wedding photographer-15 merriscourt wedding photographer-2 merriscourt wedding photographer-6 merriscourt wedding photographer-10merriscourt wedding photographer-7 merriscourt wedding photographer-9 merriscourt wedding photographer-11 merriscourt wedding photographer-16 merriscourt wedding photographer-17 merriscourt wedding photographer-19 merriscourt wedding photographer-18 merriscourt wedding photographer-20 merriscourt wedding photographer-21 merriscourt wedding photographer-23merriscourt wedding photographer-22 merriscourt wedding photographer-24 merriscourt wedding photographer-25 merriscourt wedding photographer-26 merriscourt wedding photographer-27 merriscourt wedding photographer-28 merriscourt wedding photographer-30 merriscourt wedding photographer-29 merriscourt wedding photographer-31 merriscourt wedding photographer-32 merriscourt wedding photographer-33 merriscourt wedding photographer-34 merriscourt wedding photographer-35 merriscourt wedding photographer-36 merriscourt wedding photographer-38 merriscourt wedding photographer-37 merriscourt wedding photographer-39 merriscourt wedding photographer-40 merriscourt wedding photographer-42 merriscourt wedding photographer-41 merriscourt wedding photographer-43 merriscourt wedding photographer-44 merriscourt wedding photographer-45 merriscourt wedding photographer-47 merriscourt wedding photographer-46 merriscourt wedding photographer-49 merriscourt wedding photographer-50 alternative wedding photographer_0147 merriscourt wedding photographer-52 merriscourt wedding photographer-51 merriscourt wedding photographer-53 merriscourt wedding photographer-55 merriscourt wedding photographer-54 merriscourt wedding photographer-56 merriscourt wedding photographer-57 merriscourt wedding photographer-58 merriscourt wedding photographer-59 merriscourt wedding photographer-79 merriscourt wedding photographer-83 merriscourt wedding photographer-61 merriscourt wedding photographer-62 merriscourt wedding photographer-60 merriscourt wedding photographer-64 merriscourt wedding photographer-67merriscourt wedding photographer-65 merriscourt wedding photographer-66 merriscourt wedding photographer-68 merriscourt wedding photographer-69 merriscourt wedding photographer-71 merriscourt wedding photographer-70 merriscourt wedding photographer-73 merriscourt wedding photographer-72 merriscourt wedding photographer-74 merriscourt wedding photographer-76 merriscourt wedding photographer-75 merriscourt wedding photographer-77 merriscourt wedding photographer-82merriscourt wedding photographer-80 merriscourt wedding photographer-81

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Lydia + Fergus // Marquee Wedding Wed, 13 Jul 2016 14:38:40 +0000 The post Lydia + Fergus // Marquee Wedding appeared first on London Alternative Wedding Photographer | Matt Parry Photography.


Lydia + Fergus

Alternative Wedding Photography // Derbyshire // Mum and Dads House

A wonderful summers day (yep there have been a few this year) in the village, house and fields that Lydia grew up in. A quintessentially english church perched high above/overlooking the farmland that housed the beautifully styled marquee. Tonnes of personal touches, personality, love and fun.

I spotted a local farmyard whilst doing my morning reccy and discovered the farmer was to be a guest…so hey presto portraits on the back of a flat bed trailer with onlooking cows.

And proof as always that a B+G who are willing to let me try and provide them something a little different (even if it means walking thru a bit of dry cow muck in a Rime Arodaky dress) Are officially the best B+G’s!

A wonderful day. L+F you totally rocked it and it was an absolute pleasure to point my cameras at your awesome wedding….

Here are my favourites x

alternative wedding photographer-1alternative wedding photographer-1-2modern wedding photographer-1-2modern wedding photographer-1 alternative wedding photographer-3 alternative wedding photographer-8 alternative wedding photographer-5 alternative wedding photographer-9modern wedding photographer-1-3modern wedding photographer-1-4 alternative wedding photographer-12 alternative wedding photographer-1-3 alternative wedding photographer-13 alternative wedding photographer-15 alternative wedding photographer-14 alternative wedding photographer-16 alternative wedding photographer-17 alternative wedding photographer-19 alternative wedding photographer-18 alternative wedding photographer-20 alternative wedding photographer-21 alternative wedding photographer-22 alternative wedding photographer-26 alternative wedding photographer-23 alternative wedding photographer-25 alternative wedding photographer-24 alternative wedding photographer-27 modern wedding photographer-1-5 alternative wedding photographer-1-4alternative wedding photographer-29 alternative wedding photographer-30 alternative wedding photographer-31 derbyshire wedding photographer-1 alternative wedding photographer-33 alternative wedding photographer-32 alternative wedding photographer-34 alternative wedding photographer-36 alternative wedding photographer-35 alternative wedding photographer-37 alternative wedding photographer-38 derbyshire wedding photographer-1-2 derbyshire wedding photographer-1-3 alternative wedding photographer-39 alternative wedding photographer-40 alternative wedding photographer-41 alternative wedding photographer-42 alternative wedding photographer-43 alternative wedding photographer-44 alternative wedding photographer-45 alternative wedding photographer-49 alternative wedding photographer-48 alternative wedding photographer-51 alternative wedding photographer-50 alternative wedding photographer-52 alternative wedding photographer-53 alternative wedding photographer-54 alternative wedding photographer-57 alternative wedding photographer-62 alternative wedding photographer-63 alternative wedding photographer-61 alternative wedding photographer-59 alternative wedding photographer-58 alternative wedding photographer-55 alternative wedding photographer-60 alternative wedding photographer-64 alternative wedding photographer-65 alternative wedding photographer-66 alternative wedding photographer-67

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Anisa + Damien // Narborough Hall Gardens Mon, 27 Jun 2016 17:59:06 +0000 The post Anisa + Damien // Narborough Hall Gardens appeared first on London Alternative Wedding Photographer | Matt Parry Photography.


Anisa + Damien

Alternative wedding photography // norfolk // narborough hall gardens

I first met Anisa, Damien and (at the time) tiny Grayson waaay back in 2014 after being introduced by the lovely Susie from the awesome Knot & Pop.

Fast forward a couple of years, a date and venue change, a much more grown up Grayson and we found ourselves in the beautiful surroundings and light of Norfolk in early Summer….and boy was it worth the wait!!!!!

A stunning rustic venue dressed and styled to perfection by Anisa and her army of amazing vendors including Knot + Pop and Jo Flowers. A true feast for the eyes!

Add a beautiful bride, a super cool groom and an awesome band of merrymakers and, well, you get summit like this……

Here’s my favourites x

narborough hall gardens wedding photographer-1-2narborough hall gardens wedding photographer-1-3 norfolk wedding photographer-3 norfolk wedding photographer-4 norfolk wedding photographer-5 norfolk wedding photographer-6 norfolk wedding photographer-7 alternative wedding photographer-1norfolk wedding photographer-8  norfolk wedding photographer-10 norfolk wedding photographer-11 norfolk wedding photographer-12 norfolk wedding photographer-13 norfolk wedding photographer-14 norfolk wedding photographer-15 norfolk wedding photographer-20 norfolk wedding photographer-18norfolk wedding photographer-16norfolk wedding photographer-17norfolk wedding photographer-21 norfolk wedding photographer-23 norfolk wedding photographer-19 norfolk wedding photographer-24 norfolk wedding photographer-22 norfolk wedding photographer-25 norfolk wedding photographer-26 norfolk wedding photographer-27 norfolk wedding photographer-28 norfolk wedding photographer-29 norfolk wedding photographer-30 norfolk wedding photographer-32 norfolk wedding photographer-33 norfolk wedding photographer-34 norfolk wedding photographer-36 norfolk wedding photographer-37 norfolk wedding photographer-38 norfolk wedding photographer-35norfolk wedding photographer-39 norfolk wedding photographer-40 norfolk wedding photographer-41 norfolk wedding photographer-43 norfolk wedding photographer-44 norfolk wedding photographer-45 norfolk wedding photographer-46 alternative london wedding photographer-1-5 norfolk wedding photographer-58 norfolk wedding photographer-48 alternative london wedding photographer-1-4 copy norfolk wedding photographer-50 norfolk wedding photographer-51 norfolk wedding photographer-52 norfolk wedding photographer-1-2 norfolk wedding photographer-54 norfolk wedding photographer-53 norfolk wedding photographer-55 norfolk wedding photographer-56norfolk wedding photographer-62 norfolk wedding photographer-61 norfolk wedding photographer-63 norfolk wedding photographer-64 norfolk wedding photographer-65 norfolk wedding photographer-67 norfolk wedding photographer-73norfolk wedding photographer-68 norfolk wedding photographer-71 norfolk wedding photographer-74 norfolk wedding photographer-69 norfolk wedding photographer-72

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Kit + Lucy // Cripps Barn Wed, 22 Jun 2016 19:04:02 +0000 The post Kit + Lucy // Cripps Barn appeared first on London Alternative Wedding Photographer | Matt Parry Photography.


Kit + Lucy

Alternative Wedding Photography // The Cotswolds // Cripps Barn

Smiley Happy People. In Love. Getting married and letting me and my cameras come along for the ride.

Thats basically my Summer. And it has to be one of the most positive and life affirming things because when you break it down it aint about the weather or the rings but the people. And when the bride and groom are as happy, smiley, slightly bonkers and in love as Kit + Lucy then the EVERYBODY around them has a great day…including me!

In fact the only slight dark cloud over the day was the tension surrounding flower girls Lily’s tooth: Wobbly when I arrived and basically hanging by a thread come the sparkler exit…..

K+L you rocked it…thank you for making me feel so welcome. Here are fifty-ish of my favourites

Matt x

cripps barn wedding photographer-3 cripps barn wedding photographer-2 cripps barn wedding photographer-4 cripps barn wedding photographer-5 cripps barn wedding photographer-7 cripps barn wedding photographer-6 cripps barn wedding photographer-8 cripps barn wedding photographer-9 cripps barn wedding photographer-10 cripps barn wedding photographer-11 cripps barn wedding photographer-12 cripps barn wedding photographer-13 cripps barn wedding photographer-14 cripps barn wedding photographer-16 cripps barn wedding photographer-18 cripps barn wedding photographer-17 cripps barn wedding photographer-15 cripps barn wedding photographer-19 cripps barn wedding photographer-20 cripps barn wedding photographer-21 cripps barn wedding photographer-22 cripps barn wedding photographer-23 cripps barn wedding photographer-25 cripps barn wedding photographer-24 cripps barn wedding photographer-26 cripps barn wedding photographer-27 cripps barn wedding photographer-28 cripps barn wedding photographer-29 cripps barn wedding photographer-30 cripps barn wedding photographer-31 cripps barn wedding photographer-32 cripps barn wedding photographer-34 cripps barn wedding photographer-33 cripps barn wedding photographer-35 cripps barn wedding photographer-37 cripps barn wedding photographer-38 cripps barn wedding photographer-39 cripps barn wedding photographer-36 cripps barn wedding photographer-42 cripps barn wedding photographer-40 cripps barn wedding photographer-45 cripps barn wedding photographer-46 cripps barn wedding photographer-48 cripps barn wedding photographer-47 cripps barn wedding photographer-49 cripps barn wedding photographer-44 cripps barn wedding photographer-43 cripps barn wedding photographer-54 cripps barn wedding photographer-41 cripps barn wedding photographer-52 cripps barn wedding photographer-53 cripps barn wedding photographer-51 cripps barn wedding photographer-55 cripps barn wedding photographer-56 cripps barn wedding photographer-57 cripps barn wedding photographer-58 cripps barn wedding photographer-59 cripps barn wedding photographer-60

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