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alternitive wedding photography-32January 2015 | The Mitchell Residence

Family life is un-choreographed. It’s chaos, it’s craziness, it’s quiet moments, it’s not so quiet moments, it’s love, laughter, tears and snotty noses. Family life doesn’t take place in front of a white why should family photography?

I have been trying to find the time and formula for shooting families for about 4 years…but weddings and my own family life have just kept getting in the way. BUT I have finally got my finger out and have dedicated the next 6-8 weeks to doing just that.

I will be featuring a few of them on here…and first up its Natalie, Lee, little Harrison, hairy Cleo and the families newest addition (since I shot Natalie and Lee’s wedding a couple of years ago) Evan.

We hung out for a few hours…and here’s what happened *

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If you or any family you know fancy getting involved? I have spaces left throughout February and March.

Hit this link for more info

1 comment on “the mitchells

  1. Natalie Mitchell said:

    Matt in one word you are AMAZING! We wanted our family photographed just as we are and this is everything we could have hoped for and more.
    You captured moments of our life.
    Thank you for beautiful images and thank you for putting up with us!
    I would recommend you in a heartbeat.

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