I live in a little house called Shrub Cottage with my unruly dog Rufus, my best mate/wife Carla, my whirlwind of a daughter Phoebe (aka Feebs) and my baby son Felix (aka The F-Bomb).

Named as one of Stylist Magazines top ten alternative wedding photographers I class myself as one of the new breed aiming to bring my clients a younger, more creative and completely cheese free approach to what I do! I spend most if my life taking pictures BUT when not hiding behind the lens I listen to music…lots and lots of music.

I am not much into labels but I hear my contemporaries using words like creative, alternative, documentary, fun and edgy when describing my work. Whatever the “label” my aim is to tell the story of your day through my images with as little staging or choreography as is possible, in a way that will stand the test of time. And (most importantly) make you laugh, cry and feel all fuzzy EVERY time you look at them 🙂

What first got me behind the camera? Well a complete phobia of posing in front of it. And it is this aversion towards forced smiles and awkward poses that has developed the approach I bring to photography today.

I am available for weddings throughout the UK and the rest of the planet upon request. Click HERE for pricing info